DAM provides its member artists with several platforms to increase their visibility.


The calendar lists all the events and activities of DAM members. This tool allows you to bring together in one place all the news from the community of artists that shines around DAM.

Artists Directory

The DAM Artists Directory offers a permanent showcase for artist members, allowing them to increase their visibility with the general public and all the key players in artistic and cultural circles, whether they are programmers, broadcasters, artists, producers, etc.


DAM publishes a monthly newsletter.

To appear in it, member artists must add their events in the Calendar at least 3 days before the publication of the newsletter.

Facebook Page

The DAM Facebook page aims to promote the activities and highlight the achievements of artists members of DAM and relay relevant events, activities and content relating to the arts in relation to ethnocultural diversity, equity, inclusion, racism. If an activity is on the calendar, it will be automatically relayed by the DAM team on social networks.

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