Do you have several years of experience in your field?
Do you have an extensive network of contacts in Montreal?
Do you like to share your knowledge and get to know new forms of artistic production?

If so, DAM invites you to assist a professional artist from a “culturally diverse” and Indigenous background to develop his/her career in Montreal.

By transferring your knowledge, you have the opportunity to share and spread your expertise and experience. Your commitment will propel a talent on the Montreal scene!


“The strength of a mentor is to adapt to the mentee, see where s/he is and bring him/her where s/he wants to go”

“I learned a lot from my mentee. Our exchanges were rich and interesting »

Becoming a mentor

  • You have a well-established artistic career (10 years at least)
  • You are available twice a month, for at least an hour, to exchange with your mentee (total of 12 hours over a six-month period, terms can vary according to availability)
  • You have an ability to guide, listen, support and share.

Registration at any time of the year.

Unlike a coaching program, the mentorship program is a relation based on a free, voluntary and selfless commitment built on mutual trust and respect. An experienced person, the mentor, volunteers to guide and support another artist, the mentee.


Jessica Lubino
(514) 280-3581 poste 105

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