Consultation on systemic racism in the cultural and media sector


Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM) is holding an independent consultation on systemic discrimination and racism in the cultural and media sector. This encourages all cultural and media stakeholders to voice their opinions. The activities include public hearings, individual meetings and closed discussion groups to provide a safe space for testimonies. The results and final report will be presented at a day-long event open to the public. The report will be submitted to the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) to inform its further work in the area of systemic discrimination and racism.

Call for participation

We hereby call on individuals who have faced racial discrimination in the cultural and media sector to come forward with their stories. Socioeconomic, ethnocultural, geographical, and gender selection criteria will ensure a fair representation of citizens during the consultations.

*NEW* Online Survey

This bilingual online survey allows citizens to share their stories and present their solutions while remaining anonymous. Click here to fill out the survey.

Public Hearings - February 13th

The public hearings will allow citizens to share their experiences of discrimination and systemic racism and present their ideas for potential solutions publicly, in French or English, in front of a committee composed of stakeholders in the arts, culture, and media sectors. Please register here.

Discussion Groups

Individual victims of systemic and racial discrimination may share their stories in English or French. Special attention will be paid to ensure anonymity so that participants can testify without reprisal. Participants will be divided into discussion groups related to their field of activities.
Six separate discussion groups will be created to collect stories in each category: artists, cultural workers and cultural development stakeholders, media professionals, students, and citizens. We invite professionals who sit on “diversity”(or another term) committees in cultural and media institutions to speak about projects initiated in their workplaces.

Individual meeting

People who wish to testify face to face may contact with the chief of research by e-mail at the following address: [email protected].

Kindly call us at 514-280-3581, ext. 107 if you have any questions.

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