Consultation on systemic racism in the arts and media sectors


One year after consulting racialized individuals in the arts, culture, and media sectors, DAM unveiled its “Pour un processus d’équité culturelle” [Towards a cultural equity process] report on November 27, 2018. It was an opportunity to share in the benefits of this approach and talk about the tools and levers needed to make a change in the sector.

The consultation report provides a portrait and careful analysis of exclusive behaviours, structural causes, and impacts. In addition, the report outlines solutions to combat these systemic obstacles.

This special day, focused on concrete realities and recommendations, helped community stakeholders better understand and deconstruct existing dynamics, as well as develop means of action. These actions will be carried out individually and collectively to pave the way for greater cultural equity.

Let’s work together to build a cultural community where everyone can assume their rightful place.

The unveiling event was funded by the Government of Canada.

A Report to Move Forward

A Video to Raise Awareness

by Stefan Verna

Pictures to remember

by Alexandre Fortes

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