Discussion circle: Breaking the isolation of self-employed artists

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Proposed by visual artist Adriana Garcia Cruz in February 2020, this discussion circle is the first of an initiative developed by and for DAM members.

Aware of the social challenges that self-employed artists face in their daily lives, this discussion circle aims to reflect together on the isolation we experience, and to create links and develop tools that will serve as long-term support. The guiding thread of the circle will be Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way, which highlights the importance of a circle of support. Photographer Adriana Garcia Cruz will guide the discussions.

How it works

In order to respect the directed self-isolation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first meeting will take place by videoconference on the Zoom application.

Our goal is to form small groups so that everyone feels comfortable contributing, listening and sharing.

You must be a member of DAM to participate.

Start of the circle: April 2020

About Discussion Circles

The objective of this new participatory initiative: to bring out new solidarities, fruitful sharing and innovative ideas among members. The discussion circles are spaces where members can meet and share ideas. In January 2020, DAM collected suggestions that were submitted to a vote by the members. Two circles will be deployed in 2020 as a pilot project.

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