Debate series: racialization, prejudices and cultural appropriation – 2018

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In the wake of its consultation activities, DAM is set to launch its Réflexion en trois temps, a series of three participative and interactive consultations designed to provide a forum for discussion for the broader DAM community on racialization, prejudice, and cultural appropriation in the cultural community.

A number of confusing terms are used in the public sphere to name and describe individuals deemed to be part of our “diversity” or to be “racialized,” “visible minorities,” or “immigrants.” In conjunction with the independent consultation on systemic racism, DAM would like to clarify these discussion terms and lend a voice to individuals in the industry.

The Réflexion en trois temps is a discussion space where people can reappropriate terms widely used in the public sphere. The definitions imposed are thus questioned and made consistent with our realities, and a collective effort is made to reflect on the meaning of terms as well as nuance them and stake out related positions.

An ice-breaking activity will provide context to the public, and a panel of artists and academics will briefly outline their thoughts on the day’s theme. A one-hour discussion with the public will follow. Each evening discussion will be summarized in writing so as to allow DAM to structure their actions.


*A Black History Month Coup de Coeur*

Monday, February 26 – from 5 to 7 pm – Maison de l’Afrique 

To begin the new series, DAM invites you to explore issues of identity as they relate to race. Where racism is not always visible and out in the open, who, then, is “racialized”? Anyone likely to experience discrimination because of their skin colour, name, accent, or religion?

Are individuals racialized because they identify themselves as such, or are they racialized because they’ve been labelled as such? Are individuals necessarily racialized because they hail from ancient colonies and countries from the Global South? If so, what type of hierarchy is established between racialized peoples and peoples deemed to be part of the diversity?

  • Speakers : Michael Farkas, Eddy Firmin, Zab Maboungou et Parker Mah
  • Moderator : Dorothy Alexandre


Monday, April 9 – from 5 to 7 pm – Zab Maboungou / Compagnie danse Nyata Nyata

A few months after the joint MAI/COCo panel on cultural appropriation, DAM invites you to continue reflecting on the limits of inspiration when it comes to non-Caucasian cultures.

When does inspiration become appropriation? And when does it become substitution and projection? When does drawing inspiration from the “Other” means appropriating that person’s place and benefitting to his or her detriment? When does being inspired by the “Other” involve exclusion and permanent alterity?

  • Speakers : Charles Bender, Damian Nisenson, Roger Sinha et Astrid Tirel
  • Moderator : Dorothy Alexandre

Illustration by Emma Haraké for TicArtToc #10


Monday, September 17 – from 5 to 7 pm – Théâtre Aux Écuries

In a sincere effort to spark an intercultural dialogue, it is customary to highlight what we have in common rather than what sets us apart. This dialogue sometimes takes place without considering the power relations that exist in our society, however. For instance, while it’s likely true that everyone displays biases, not every individual faces the same consequences. Biases against discriminated social groups further fuel discrimination. In the final season debate, an interactive activity broaching stereotypes and biases in Quebec will encourage us to highlight the imbalance underlying power relations. This event is part of the official program of the International Day of Peace.

  • Speakers : Alice Ming Wai Jim, Nadine St-Louis and Rodney St-Eloi
  • Moderator : Dorothy Alexandre

Places are limited.

Illustration by Nahid Kazemi for TicArtToc #6

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