TicArtToc #3 to be unveiled at church – Launch Party


Montreal, November 27, 2014 – Tonight, November 27, Diversité artistic Montréal (DAM) is launching the new issue of TicArtToc magazine, dedicated to diversity in the arts and culture. In a bold move, the magazine launch event will be held in the deconsecrated church of Sainte-Brigide and will take the form of an unusual party, with the participation of a unique musical duo to host the evening: the organist-in-residence at the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Jean-Willy Kunz, and DJ PACLOW. This party will launch the third issue, which takes “the stigmas” as its theme. Beyond the negative connotation of this word, TicArtToc #3 explores the subversive capacity of stigmas, allowing the consequences of stigmatization to be spoken out, such as the capacity to put words on the wounds that enable creation can go farther.

This speaking process must embrace difference, not in the sense of victimization or identity claiming, but rather in a perspective of boldness, creativity and critical thought. This third issue marks the first anniversary of TicArtToc magazine, which has received a warm welcome from the artistic and cultural realms in Montreal. Once again, no less than 40 contributors from all backgrounds -artists, writers, academics, and cultural workers- have been involved in the production of this issue and its rich content, both textually and visually speaking.

All the texts are previously unpublished, and so are the illustrations, which were created exclusively for the magazine by artists-members of DAM, depending on what the texts inspired in them. The third issue can now be bought online and will be available in bookshops as soon as December 8, 2014 (see the list of bookshops).

See you tonight to enjoy exciting TicArtToc-ed adventures…

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