The Vitrine des musiques locales métissées: An outstanding edition


Montreal, October 15, 2014 – For the fourth year running, Vision Diversité organized the Vitrine des musiques locales métissées at the Astral, which aims to discover and propel Montreal talents in music.

For the first time, Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM) participated in the event as member of the judging panel to award its special prize. Through this partnership, DAM and Vision Diversité are showing their common desire to give these groups, whose art creation is based on the diversity of musical influences, the visibility they need. In a 20-minute performance each, the 19 artists or groups of artists have made every effort to convince the event’s partners that their talent deserves “a boost” to help them climb the career ladder.

These “boosts”, designed to facilitate the often long and difficult path of an artist, include: shows at the Place des Arts (Quartier des spectacles and Vision Diversité), performances at Les FrancoFolies de Montréal (Spectra), radio or Internet promotion campaign (CIBL and La, 75 hours of studio rehearsal (Conseil des arts de Montréal), 12h of sound recording in a professional studio (Ici Radio-Canada), music showcase during the world music summit Mundial Montréal or career development support during a year and portrait in TicArtToc magazine (DAM).

In the process, some artists came out ahead more than others, such as Ilam, Karim Dabo, Jazzamboka, Joyce N’Sana, Paul Audy, Samito, Tounkar-Lavoie Trio, Afrikelektro or Veeby, because they won the partners’ “boosts”. But the 19 artists or groups of artists all left enriched from the experience since they have been seen and heard by industry professionals during 3 remarkable evenings, both in terms of staging and musical talents. The Vitrine des musiques locales métissées has now become a major event in the Montreal musical scene. The attendance of more than 150 people each evening shows the enthusiasm for this exceptional event.

The quality of the program will lead the event to become one of the major places to discover the mixed Montreal scene. For the objective is indeed to make broadcasters understand that today’s mixed music represents a music genre they have to take into account, and that its presence on all the scenes of Quebec and elsewhere should be enhanced. Moreover, thanks to the quality of its organization and the professionalism of the production conditions, the event will attract more and more quality musicians and will therefore highlight mixed music.

On the occasion of its first participation, DAM wants to thank and highlight the excellent work that Vision Diversité accomplished. DAM also acknowledges the other partners of the event. Recognizing these talents is a daily commitment that must be pursued to enrich our common heritage…

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