The 7th Conference of Vision Diversité : Collective Heritage and History on the Menu During a Period of Collective Reflection


Montreal, May 21st, 2013 – Last Thursday, May 17th, marked the start of the 7th editon of the Diversity Conference, wonderfully organised by Vision Diversité at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal, the chosen, and well-known, partner for this occasion. In a very pleasant work environment, centred around the important figures in arts and culture present, enlivened by richly diverse artistic demonstrations (throat singing, dance and music), these meetings were the perfect opportunity to delve into the debate on the question of Quebec’s collective heritage and history.

The four topics of discussion, “A Constructed, Material Heritage”, “Intangible Heritage”, “Living Heritage” and “A Collective Memory and History”, allowed the different guests to reflect collectively, without scholarly or scientific pretense, and throughout various workshops, on the possible construction of a common cultural heritage, all the while considering the apects that would be integrated, as well as concrete actions that would allow said heritage to grow and thrive.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to question ourselves on our relationship with Québécois heritage, a human and cultural amalgamation that is the driving force and unique feature of our society. It is also crucial to examine the role of our cultural and artistic institutions, of our educators and of our promoters, in their emphasis on creativity and emergence, both key elements in a dynamic heritage, be it material or immaterial. A heritage of creation to create of itself a space for sharing and belonging, the motor for true cultural citizenship.

DAM acknowledges this initiative of Vision Diversité that, year after year, allows for communal reflection on the part of cultural agents in order for them to become part of the developing dynamic.

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