Montreal, March 12th, 2013 – The launch party for DAM’s first fundraiser took place yesterday at Montréal arts interculturels (MAI), our partner in planning the now famous event « Lundi Pluriel », where MAI, Culture Montréal and DAM joined forces to stimulate the network of culturally-diverse artists in particular, as well as all Montrealers interested in artistic diversity and culture in general.

The fundraiser, which will take place at Bain Mathieu on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 starting at 6:30pm, promises to be a gathering of force consisting of all culturally-diverse artists and their friends and, on a broader level, of all those who believe in a pluralist, eclectic, mixed Quebec, enriched by the Other. Supported by the voice of its spokesman, Rodney Saint-Éloi, a famous writer and the recent winner of Charles Biddle prize, this event has three main goals:

First of all, this event should provide DAM with the visibility to promote the organization as being “the gateway of culturally-diverse artists”, one of the most important support networks and, on a broader level, a welcoming, life-giving place for all those who have the passion to move forward and live from their art.

Secondly, this event should convince the business sector that arts and culture are an essential part of life in every society, and that it is crucial for the private sector to build strong relationships with cultural promoters such as DAM, not only to financially support arts and culture, but also to participate actively in the inclusion of culturally-diverse artists who make up 30 % of Montreal society today. Racial mixing is a reality, and we must fully embrace it!

Last but not least, this gathering is the perfect opportunity for lovers of arts and culture to celebrate the feeling of belonging to a big family with which everyone can join forces. Many artists were present at this beautiful evening (Tomas Jensen, Doba, Tapa Diarra, Marie Trezanini as well as Nabila, the evening’s host) because they also believe that working with DAM is the “art of being different together”.

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