DAM Welcomes the Election of Nathalie Maillé to General Management at Montreal Arts Council (CAM)


Montréal, May 30th, 2013 – DAM would like to congratulate Nathalie Maillé for becoming the new General Manager of Montreal Arts Council (CAM). We wish to acknowledge her tireless dedication to the task of promoting diversity and the changing of the guard in arts and culture, her sensitivity towards the arts and her close relationship with the artists themselves.

While we must also praise Danielle Sauvage for the fantastic work she has completed during her mandate, we can not help but be delighted to see signs of a continuation of past successes in the selection of Ms. Maillé.

We offer our full support to the new GM of CAM, and our participation in all new initiatives which she will no doubt propose to Montreal artists, so that artists and public alike can share in the source of goodness and pride that is art.

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