DAM welcomes nomination of Stéphan La Roche as managing director of CALQ


Montreal, March 29th, 2013 – For many years, DAM has rubbed shoulders with Mr. La Roche within the realm of his position as director of music and dance, but also of action.
His knowledge of the Quebec’s artistic community, his relationship with the artists and his interest in their struggles have made him a key player in the big issues that concern them. We would like also to point out that Mr. La Roche was the first person representing CALQ to establish contact with DAM, which shows his precise understanding of the difficulties surrounding cultural and artistic diversity, as well as the policies needed to ensure its defence and promotion.

At the same time, DAM wishes to acknowledge the action of the former chairman, Yvan Gauthier, who developed and broadened pluralism and brought about greater artistic freedom within the organization.

DAM now wishes to renew Mr. La Roche’s availability and enthusiasm to continue his collaboration with CALQ with the goal of building better working conditions for Quebec artists of various origins.
On this ocassion, DAM would also like to promote its first fundraiser happening on the evening of May 2nd, and invite CALQ to join in this initiative to celebrate cultural diversity.

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