Yesenia Fuentes


Yesenia Fuentes is a choreographer, dancer, and performing artist. Always underscoring the importance of the process of research and creation, Yesenia seeks to question the absurdity and hollowness of certain dynamics of the contemporary world while reflecting more broadly on existence and the human condition. Her works, in situ and immersive, explore the intimate interaction between the body and its environment. Questioning temporality, his gestures develop at the border of introspection and of the relation with the outside world, translating into movement the connection between the conscious and the unconscious.

Not only her rigorous preparation but the different experiences and encounters she has had have defined Yesenia’s forms and set up a path of discovery through dance. Born in Bogotá, she moved to Montreal in 2001, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts at Concordia University.
Yesenia’s solo performances, elaborate and expressive pieces, have been presented in varied venues around the world. Likewise, the vibrant collaborative projects of dance, photography, music, and video that she has participated in have reached diverse places and publics.

As a way of learning and sharing with others, Yesenia organizes and offers Butoh workshops. Since 2016 Yesenia founded, P'andanza, an alternative platform in Montréal dedicated to the creation, production and dissemination of the performing arts.


I am not an entertainer. I am an artist. I am a person, who is sensitive to the realities of others. I believe in respect, empathy and continuous education to pursue our greatest goals in life.

As a choreographer and performing artist, my body is the first and main medium. I combine a variety of movements from classic ballet to contemporary dance with influences from Colombian folklore, African dance and Japanese Butoh. I take these as inspirational sources to create a hybrid style which allows a wide range of physical expression and therefore artistic freedom. Music plays an important role in my performances, which are driven by profound melodies, and incorporate foreign rhythms to reach maximum energy. By interacting also with visual elements, I am interested in creating an immersive space, which is aimed towards the inclusion of the audience. This kind of setting enables me to encounter others, and to create a magical space, where limitless imagination can take place.

Travelling is a major source of inspiration for my work. It is an opportunity for me to retrieve to nature, to connect with the spirit of movement, with the master, to wake up my movement. In my practice, I want to tell stories in an abstract way through dance that comes from the inside, from the viscerals, from the memories, and from the most far memories behind. Those stories and memories deal with social injustice, inequalities, violence, the anger about irrational consumption, the human indifference towards nature. I see performance art as an opportunity to transform realities and construct utopias. The stage is the womb in which everything is fine. It’s my personal place of freedom. I am sensible for the human condition, and I believe it can be transformed through art. It is my service to humanity, and in a more subtle way a possibility to share with the world who I am. Life is short and I want to give my best - my soul.






Anglais; Français; Espagnol


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