ULTRA-K is an Mexican-Canadian singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, performing and visual artist.
During her career, she has developed an eclectic musical style that draws on a range of influences and genres spanning electronic, pop, experimental, classical, trip hop, and avant-garde music.
Born and raised in Mexico City, she began her music career at the age of 15 years old opening for Garbage in Mexico City, with rock band Marilyn Suicida 1996 Metropolitan Theatre CDMX.
In 2000, she moved to Montreal, Canada, where she remained as an artist despite being new immigrant turning her performance and music machines into a trilingual dimension Ranging from electronic percussion, electronic toys and eclectic experimentation her style allowed collaborating with a range of artists and exploring a variety of multimedia projects
This is how her stage name ULTRA K


After her performance in the interactive theatre piece ALL WE HAVE IS NOW, produced by Jason Rodi (Moment Factory) in which she shares the scene with musicians like Fabienne Lucette and comedians Angie Larocque, Dominique Hamel, making an impro paradise initiate her artist transmutation to her light and live sound LUXONIKA interactive show.

2018 The album EP Tree of sound
Ultra K collaboration with German artist Jan Deutschbein
A dark forest atmosphere that glows in a 5 song story of a magical encounter in a parallel universe made of sound and light.
Using technological innovation and multisensory approaches to sound, light and vocals, ancient traditions and ritual passages into the era of technology.

2015 ULTRA Kult to Dub - first album release
Composed music and lyrics in collaboration with DJs from Ultra K first release made into appearance in the International Dub music playlists. Her work reached in couple of days 2K performs or collaborates with artists from France, Transylvania, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador.

2015 KultO K - Visual /Digital Artist
She made a collection of hundreds of digital animations inspired on the painter Frida Kahlo’s surrealistic portrait expressions, and the psycho magic perspectives of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s teachings.
Karina blends her multidimensional psychedelic creations to use as visuals for her performances.

2016 “Hater & Lovers” - Tanuki Project- the single EP Happening

2016 “Pet goat III” - (to be released) Singer for voice dubbing for animation short film written, directed, produced and edited by Louis Lefebvre. The film features a commentary on American society and politics, particularly covering presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, with allusions to Osama bin Laden the War on Terror and Biblical theology and Egyptian imagery in a post-apocalyptic setting.


Arts visuels;Musique;Arts numériques


Singer; Songwriter; Music performer; Visual Artist; Digital Artist


English; French; Spanish




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