Razan Elkhatib


Razan is a Sudanese copywriter, filmmaker and creative director, moved to Montreal in 2019. she used to prepare and present a radio program for high school students since her teens for 5 years. in 2012 she earned her Bachelor’s of
Communication Science in Multimedia from Sudan University for Science and Technology.
She worked on producing video clips, documentaries, TV shows and commercials as well as her work
with several advertising agencies to write concepts and content of a handful of commercials that
successfully made an impact on the society and also improved her way of brainstorming ideas and
producing them for various mediums.
She started her filmmaking career in 2010 working as scriptwriter, production manager and director. In
2012 she produced her first short film “Amal” about FGM, as her graduation project. growing up, she
participated in many professional filmmaking workshops in and out Sudan, where she wrote and directed her own short films.
She is interested in joining programs that will add to her a degree of knowledge to help her complete
what she started to do in the best way.
She is also aiming to build a network with expert and talented people who will surely be inspiring for her in future projects.


Conte;Arts numériques;Design;Cinéma - Télévision


Storytelling, Screenwriting, Conceptualizing, Graphic design.


Arabic, English, Française (débutante)


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