Bernardo Alvarado Rojas


Asceta is producer Bernardo Alvarado Rojas’ attempt to combine his classical and electronic music background in order to create dance music. After graduating from music university in Montreal and releasing his debut EP “Life is a Dream” as KALMO in March of 2018, he felt the need to transform KALMO into a collaborative instrumental electronic band. Today it is an ongoing collaboration with classical clarinetist Lucia Sanches, jazz bassist Richard McLeish and indie rock drummer Alexis Duval. Now that KALMO exists and continuously moves forward, he decided to start creating dance music under the Asceta moniker. Bernardo believes in bringing beauty, excitement and joyful rhythms rooted in tradition to his audience. He believes in the unlimited healing power of music and in its capability to bring people together and make them vibrate under the same roof. 2020 will be the year that will see the debut of Asceta and the continuation of KALMO with music releases, music videos and live shows.


Bernardo identifies himself with the Romantic conception of the music composer that attempts to evoke and summon the human soul. He sees in music the opportunity to exteriorize and concretize what his sensory perception captures from his every day life and personal experience. He sees himself as a committed artist that believes in the labor of giving valuable artwork back to society.


Musique;Techniques audiovisuelles


Music Composition, Classical Guitar, Sound Editing, Sound Design, Foley Art, Music Production, Sound Recording and Electronic Music Production.





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