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Born and raised in Argentina, Anabel Burin moved to Montreal, Canada in 2006. She completed a DEC in professional photography at Dawson College and pursued a bachelor degree in Design at Concordia University.
Having built her own jewelry line and worked on the design and photography fields for more than 10 years she now makes a living working full time as a wedding photographer and editor. She works simultaneously on her personal photographic and artistic projects related to documentary and lifestyle series focusing on different social issues.


As a young migrant woman living in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, I was always interested and curious to know more about other people’s backgrounds, traditions and life stories. I chose to become a photographer and use this medium as a form of visual storytelling.
My intention is to find the magic on what others consider mundane, the everyday details that are lost in the routine, the surprising in the ordinary and the deep significance found in the apparently insignificant.
I am constantly playing with light, space, color and texture to narrate the story of my subjects with authenticity through my images.


Arts visuels;Arts numériques;Design


wedding photography, documentary photography, graphic design, jewelry design, fashion


Espagnol, Anglais, Français


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