Ali Esmaeli


• Ali Esmaeli, Born 1977, Arak, Iran.
• 15 years experiences in Cinema and Theater
• Director of 3 short film, 2 documentaries, 1 fiction and some advertisements for Iran National TV (IRIB).
• Administrator of the Ark city cultural center. He has been collaborating in some cultural and artistic projects with Arak city municipality, Arak,Iran. 2010-2014
• Since his immigration to Montreal in 2014, he has been contributing in many cultural projects for Iranian immigrant community. His last activity was performing, producing and directing the theater entitled ‘Reader’ by ‘Ariel Dorfman’ in May 2019 in Montreal.
Theater: The facts about Leila, daughter of Idris, November 2019, Montreal
January 2020, Ottawa


In adolescence, Ali Esmaeli, became interested in cinema by the influence of “Runner”’s script by “Amir Naderi” which is the represent of the Iranian expressionist cinema. Social conflicts and the crisis of after war situation (Iran-Iraq 8 year’s war) with the lack of social and cultural freedoms formed his artistic imagination. Years later, Esmaeli involved in cinema seriously. Influenced by Abbas Kiarostami's friendship, he followed and interested in the documentary and narrative cinema. Working on Iranian national television with directing and editing several different programs allowed him to try his ideas in different backgrounds and concentrate them all on his short films. Immigration to Canada more led him to cinematic technique of "Theo Angelo Poulos" and "Tarkovsky". However, in fiction Esmaeli mostly has inspired by "David Lynch''s post real cinema. Esameli, chooses the stories of the simple characters wich are existing in the world around him and tries to show the real image of their insides. The war, the resulting crisis, censorship, immigration, language barriers and post immigration psychological crisis are the most important challenges of Esmaeli’s movies’ personages in his cinema.


Théâtre;Techniques audiovisuelles;Cinéma - Télévision


Photography, Non-linear editing,screen writing,


Persian, English, French


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