Florian Liber


Artiste international honoré basé à Montréal/ International award-winning artist based in Montreal, Qc and temporarily in New York, NY;
European Museums Acquisitions (UNESCO, AICA since 2009);
Artiste d'origine européenne établi à Montréal en 2004, j'ai été nommé «Lauréat et Personnalité» dans le domaine des arts et de la culture en 2005 par la Faculté des Études Supérieures Université de Montréal (en tant qu'étudiant à la Maîtrise Faculté des Arts et Science);

Paintings and graphic works can be found in museums and public collections of which we mention National State Museum, Transylvania - Eastern Europe participating in the European event by UNESCO: Night of Museums / Night of Museums.

Earlier in my career, before having studied visual arts /Fine Arts - Painting at West University in Europe, I had studied choreography, dance performance. Then I deepened contemporary arts, university research in the Technological Arts/ Contemporary Masters level with excellence Universite de Montreal, I have published articles, books and I have been rewarded, honored at the university and public levels. Then I participated in conferences, public interventions and I have exhibited in world-class art galleries (Montreal, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Europe and Japan); I notice here two acquisitions by museums in 1999 and 2009 (see the Night of Museums at European level, UNESCO 2015-2018).
Also, my bold and innovative project showcases the expertise and skills acquired during my studies / European professional or academic Research Fine Arts, in Cybernetics Industrial dipl. eng. (hence my approaches in Artificial Intelligence and Technological Algorithms).
Intercultural, artistic and scientific wealth – collaboration during my academic research or Empiric Workshop Radical UdM (SAT 2005) with professors from the United States, Canada or from European origins and my international interventions in New York for example by representing the University of Montreal, 2006 ... | laudatory remark of the Quebec government (Délégation générale du Québec à New York), the Government of Romania (the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York) considering my solo exhibition Art Fair New York 2019| Pier 92| ... and Press review archives, critique & art reviews.

Creative Regards, F. Liber
BFA, MA- FAS tech arts, dipl. eng. Ind. Robotics

Version francaise: https://florianliber.wordpress.com/biography/


I mean Reconfigurations of Arts, Humanities, and Technology?

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Arts visuels;Danse;Arts numériques


Inorganic sculpture/ Sculpture Inorganique, 3D Painting on canvas/ Peinture, Artificial Intelligence art innovation/ innovation artistique IA, Technological art/ Installation immersive, Contemporary Art contemporain, Beaux-Arts/ Fine Arts - Getting Inspired with Contemporary Dance, Stratege des Communications/ Communication Advisor.


Français, anglais, roumain/ French, English


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