DAM’s 10th Anniversary

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, DAM has organized a major event, Nulle p’art ailleurs, in collaboration with the TOHU and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, to showcase talent of more than 100 Montreal artists from all diverse backgrounds and disciplines.
Without a doubt, the cornerstone of Nulle p’art ailleurs was a display of more than 300 visual works of art inside the great hall at TOHU that dovetailed with the three days of diverse performances on the bill. Plenty of free activities were offered, including guided tours of the exhibition, musical performances, circus shows, dance performances, storytelling, contemporary skating performances, talks and creative workshops for the whole family.


53 artists and more than 300 visual works of art
Guided tours have been offered. On September 17, visitors were also invited to a talk by Iris Amizlev, curator of the exhibition and intercultural program director and guide training coordinator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


The opening event on September 16 saw six musical acts take centre stage at TOHU. Just Wôan, Daniela Fiorentino, Joyce N’Sana and the Holy Hills Band and special guest Webster, Marie Trezanini, Rookie Rook & Compagnie and Komty will all be beating out the rhythm. With styles as diverse as reggae, afro-groove, traditional Italian and Yemenite Jewish, these artists challenged preconceptions by unveiling these creations rooted in the Montreal ground in which they have grown up. In addition to this multidisciplinary show co-produced with Vision Diversité (artistic direction), there were breathtaking circus acts by Ryunosuke Yamazumi as well as performances by Sinha Danse and the Ekspresyon troupe, renowned for marrying traditional Haitian dances with elements of modern dance and jazz.


Visitors were able to take in object theatre and puppet shows as well as mime, brainstorming, writing, dance and visual arts workshops, storytelling sessions and skate dancing performances.
As part of the dedicated family day on Sunday, September 18 presented by the Brian Bronfman Family Foundation, Nulle p’art ailleurs has offered children the chance to take part in a series of fun workshops exploring topics such as social justice, tolerance and immigration that are designed to stimulate their creativity.

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