Special Projects


The DÉCLIC Series is a project of DAM and Réseau Accès culture that aims to offer music and song artists a showcase and professional promotional tools to accelerate their career development.

Série Déclic - DAM x Accès culture

Aime comme Montréal

As a result of a collaboration with DAM, the photojournalistic collage Aime comme Montréal was presented to the public as part of the official programming of the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal through a book (Édition Fidès, October 2016) and a major exhibition created with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

10 ans DAM

For its 10th anniversary, DAM has organized an unprecedented multidisciplinary event, Nulle p’art ailleurs, in collaboration with the TOHU and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, to showcase talent of Montreal artists from diverse backgrounds.


Nova Stella

As part of the official program of the 375th anniversary of Montreal, DAM has imagined and co-produced, in collaboration with LAND InSIGHTS, the Nova Stella event : a jubilant and artistic gathering where everyone who loves our city was invited to come celebrate the Montréal of today and envision the city of tomorrow.


On the airwaves of MAtv, DAM, Vision Diversité and Les Deux Chats Films launched in 2017 a program dedicated to Montreal artists in the performing arts: Tempo!


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