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DAM was founded by artists in response to the overwhelming lack of representation of Montreal’s ethnocultural diversity, which was striking even in 2004. The organization’s mission and services were meant to increase the presence and recognition of “culturally diverse” artists*. These artists self-identify as visible minorities, racialized individuals, and immigrants.

Many DAM programs and initiatives are exclusively targeted to these artists who see systemic obstacles interfere with their recognition in the arts and cultural communities.

From DAM’s inception, the organization has welcomed artists of all backgrounds among its members. Its community is represented by approximately 110 countries.

* “Culturally Diverse” Artists

*“Culturally Diverse” is set in quotation marks to create a distance with a category of people that is homogeneous and stigmatized. Although the use of the quotation marks, it is a functional expression that helps deconstruct and restore injustice faced by designated individuals and groups. This designation proves useful to highlight labels and power dynamics in a systemically racist society and implement positive action measures. This status requires a different approach when dealing with specific problems in each group or implementing strategies to address the problems.




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