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Hello everyone associated with DAM!

We are very excited to bring you news and information on what is happening at DAM these days. First and foremost, the most important is the official welcoming of our new Managing Director Tau S. Bui who joined us the second week of July. Since that time, she has taken everything in hand and proved herself a true leader in engaging new staff, encouraging and working with existing teammates, working closely with the Board of Directors, and discussing the future of DAM with funders, supporters and partners. She is setting a path for rejuvenating the various services that DAM has built and looking at the possibility of adding new ones as we move forward. We are looking forward for you to meet her – if you don’t already know her.

As for the Board, we wish to thank Marwen Tlili for everything he has done in representing the best interests of DAM since the beginning of the year. Marwen has decided to step down as President and from the board to focus on his personal and professional projects, and we fully support him in his decision. Thank you again, Marwen, and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Hence, my role as Vice-President has now evolved to being the Interim President and I am humbled and honoured to accept this challenging position until our next AGM. Also, at the beginning of the month, we are delighted to have welcomed Carine Agboton as a coopted administrator. Welcome aboard, Carine!

As you know, the Board of Directors has worked hard for the past 8 months in examining the realities of what DAM is to its members. There are many areas within DAM that need the Board’s attention in terms of policies and governance structures, all the while keeping in mind that it is you, our members, that we serve, and ensuring that this is never lost in the shuffle.

In order to allow us to properly prepare the next steps and consider all angles, our AGM will be held on January 31st 2022, where we will be able to present our achievements over the past year, as well as the beginning of a strategic plan that will take us into the future as a major force in our community – much stronger and more resilient.

The Board and I are ready and available to address your concerns as you share them with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out and communicate with us. These infoletters will continue on a much more regular basis as we slowly get back into full operation.

Together we can thrive as a community and I am confident that we will have turned a major corner in the history of DAM as we move forward.



Interim President

[email protected]


The Board of Directors is comprised of :

Valérie BELLENCONTRE, Interim President

Camille HAVAS, treasurer

Roxanne DE BRUYN, secretary

Nika STEIN, co-opted administrator

Emilia TAMKO, co-opted administrator

Carine AGBOTON, co-opted administrator

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