Fahmida HossainUrmi


Fahmida Urmi Hossain is Practicing Visual arts concentrated on Painting for more than a decade. Her recent practice incorporate multi-disciplinary art, this Montréal based Artist is active member as a Professional Visual Artist of Québec, RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV), Originaly from Bangladesh active in Montréal since 2011. Immigrated to Québec in 2009, Citizen and members of visible minority community south Asian originally from Bangladesh. She presented six solo and several group exhibitions, Biennales, National and internationally in Canada, Japan, Iran, Nepal, Uk, UAE and received some honors.  She has completed her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) Obtained 9th position in Drawing and Painting departments at the Institute of Fine Arts from University of Dhaka. Have diploma in Digital Dimensions-Motion Imaging in  Concordia University, Montréal,Qc and  Print makings techniques in University du Quebec a Montréal (UQAM) Canada. Fahmida. An artist /activist, who seeks a delicate balance between art and life.



Artistic Approach:

Educated as a painter, I worked for more than a decade with this artistic medium. In my most recent art practices, I use digital art photography, prints and installation, which allow me a greater variety of artistic expression. During my research and creations, I investigate interpersonal relationships from various perspectives from a female point of view. Within my practices, I concentrate on figurative works that are expressive in a contemporary way. In my paintings, I work with oil and acrylic colors to create metaphors of emotions. These emotions are related to certain physiological states and situations where the figures are being placed in single and multiples identities. There are different realities, where desire and destiny are often tinted with irony. And I am interested in how these two different forces affect each other. My inspirations are deep-rooted in cultural spirits that cause me to create. For example child marriage is one important issue, that I intend to explore and deal with in future works. I am to create works that go beyond documentation, and create a more complex experience on physical, emotional and psychological levels. I want to raise critical awareness of the experience of this significant juvenile’s progeny. It is a way for me to claim human rights and agency for them by exposing the complexity of that issue, and highlighting the possibilities for change. Through my projects, I am aiming to create a connection with the public by building up an insightful understanding of the subject. I follow a conceptual, direct way of making art, as I am attempting to create sensible environments that encourage the viewer to become a more active part of this.Existence Delineated ! my most recent Solo is arraying with my most contemporary multi-disciplinary arts are incorporates abstraction — a dialogue on the relationship between the recurring themes of visual codes, relationships and entities relative to space and Identity. I seek for perfect harmony concerning art and life, progressing in thematic series through various practices thus Paintings similarly photography video and Installation.

This Identity installation is about the social propaganda of child marriage generates a debilitating impact and consequences of physical and mental impaired. I intend to initiate some more complete experience on physical, emotional, and psychological senses to support this significant juvenile’s progeny.

My experience of migration echoes in my work in poetic and playful ways to create images and environments that are constantly in flux, visible and intangible at the same time. Our multiple ways of seeing, understanding an idea and belief, or place in a ways that transcend stereotypical rubrics.