Towards a cultural equity process (short version)

Short version - Consultation report on systemic racism in the arts, culture, And media sectors in montreal / 2018

Full version in French


Towards a new Quebec policy of immigration, diversity and inclusion (February 2015)

Report submitted to the Committee on Citizen Relations, as part of specific consultations and public auditions on documents entitled “Towards a new Quebec policy of immigration, diversity and inclusion”.

The report aims to express the views of Diversité artistique Montréal and includes 8 recommendations about this new policy on immigration, diversity and inclusion. Particular emphasis is placed on the necessity to increase diversity in the arts and culture so that it can contribute to Quebec's cultural wealth. Read it here (French only).

Agenda 21 of culture for Québec: the diversity in question

Diversité artistique Montréal presented a report to the Department of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women as part of the work from Agenda 21 of culture for Quebec. This report consisted of DAM’s public stand, its vision of the current situation and included a few recommendations on diversity in culture. Read it here (French only).

Towards a government policy against racism and discrimination

This report was presented to the Commission for Culture of the National Assembly of Quebec, as part of the public consultation on the policy against racism and discrimination. The report was heard during the parliamentary commission of November, 1st 2006 (delegation led by Guillaume Sirois, Yves Alavo and Louise Roy, chair of Conseil des arts de Montréal). Read it here (French only).
Report presented to the Bouchard-Taylor Commission (November, 26th 2007)

Martin Choquette, co-chair, and Shuni Tsou, coordinator at Diversité artistique Montréal, came before the Consultation Commission in charge of accommodating practices linked to cultural differences in order to assert the point of view from the members of the organization. DAM’s report emphasized the fact that access to culture is one of the key factors for social cohesion. Diversité artistique Montréal concluded the report with the statement that if the Quebec society is to give a real place to Quebecers from other horizons, it has to accept that its culture will be modified by their artistic input. The report was received favourably by the commission’s two co-chairs. Read it here (French only).



The art of acquiring the tools to become a cultural mediator

On Thursday April 23, DÊZAM, together with the MAI and DAM, invited artists, cultural workers and organizations to take part in a training program/session in cultural mediation. As it provides both theoretical and practical knowledge, the training and group assistance/coaching program/session aimed to equip the persons willing to hone their skills in cultural mediation with the turnkey tools they need.  

The organization’s positions and its work to promote the practices of artists from the various ethno-cultural communities result from studies on the challenges linked to the representation of these cultural communities in the Arts.
World music: reflexions and view on the Montreal’s arts scene

Study on world music by Sophie Laurent commissioned by Conseil des arts de Montreal. After attempting a definition of world music, the author offers a typology of this type of musical expression before explaining the phenomenon and how it is perceived in Montréal. Access document here (french only).
Directory of World Music in Montreal
This directory complements Sophie Laurent’s study on world music. In partnership with Thomas Bélanger, the author draws up a list of the musicians, broadcasters, record companies, concert venues, networks and academic institutions active in the field of world music in Montreal. Access document here (french only).