Welcome to the Diversity Directory, designed to facilitate access to Montreal artistic networks

Produced in collaboration with the Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM), the Conseil des relations interculturelles du Québec (CRI), the Conseil interculturel de Montréal (CIM) and with financial support from Canadian Heritage's Canadian Culture Online program, the Montreal Diversity Directory is intended for all culturally diverse professional artists and artists in the process of becoming professional.

This directory provides these artists with a permanent showcase to help them increase their visibility vis-à-vis the general public and all key artistic and cultural workers, be they programmers, presenters, artists, producers, etc.

Every artist included in the directory will be allocated a space to showcase a full description of their artistic approach, detailed elements of their career path, excerpts from their work, information on their upcoming events, and their contact information.

All artists featured in the directory are professional artists or artists in the process of becoming professional.

Enjoy your visit!


Why a directory of culturally diverse artists?

Over the past few years, Diversité artistique Montréal has conducted an analysis of the systemic barriers to the inclusion of artists from ethnocultural and Aboriginal communities in institutional arts and culture networks. One of the main restrictions in this integration is a lack of awareness of the work of these artists. Research shows that, increasingly, culture is broken down into networks, often based on common origin or an aesthetic tradition, and hence, they find it difficult to acknowledge or communicate with each other.

The Diversity Directory is an ideal tool for promoting a better understanding of these artists and their practices. This showcase fosters closer relations between presenters, broadcasters and artists from ethnocultural communities as well as networking between the various cultural workers.